The view from our front window in Italy is better than any TV show. It changes constantly and is always entertaining.

I’ve always been a list maker. It makes me feel like I’m organized and on top of things. But the sad fact is that I don’t look at the list after I’ve made it – until it’s too late. I lose them, leave them on the printer or forget I’ve even made them in the first place.

For instance, I read my packing list on the plane – what good does that do? Once back from the store I read the grocery list I left sitting on the kitchen table – useless and frustrating. But there is one list that I never lose because I keep it in my head. I’ve never formally written it down until now. It’s my Ultimate Bucket List - things I find exciting and fun and think about daily, sorta in the same way guys think about sex, it’s what turns me on.

With the New Year well underway and a very round number birthday in February, it truly is now or never, so here goes…

Travel to all 7 continents
Write a book
Become fluent in a foreign language
Perform on Broadway
Become a millionaire
Live overseas
Travel in outer space
See my grandkids (how ever many there ends up being) graduate from college.
Learn to dance really well

Colin is our second grandchild and we have another on the way!

Several items on the list have expansive subcategories. For instance under ‘Travel to all 7 continents’ (current count 6) I would list ‘visit at least 100 countries’ (current count is a mere 69), plus all specific travel locations like The Great Wall of China and The Taj Mahal (BTDT). The biggest hole in my travel experiences? The Grand Canyon – pun intended.

Conducting seminars around the world - not exactly Broadway, but it is challenging and rewarding.
Photowalks! - A great way to learn/create/inspire. We've lead photowalks in cities (like here in London) and in country environments and it's ALWAYS a great time for all.

I’m not delusional (yet) – I know some things are impossible. But then again I don’t think an Ultimate Bucket List should be about reality, it’s the stuff dreams are made of.

And now that I look at it this list, I realize I’m not doing so bad. And there’s still time to check off a few more – if I hurry!