Cosmic view of Cape Town and all the way down the coast from the top of Table Mountain – MAGNIFICANT! Click to enlarge this and other photos.

Chris and I celebrated our 25 anniversary – both in business and in marital bliss – with a oh-so-typical for us combo of work/pleasure trip. Frankly, it’s usually a toss-up of which is better, the work or pleasure part as we totally enjoy both!

The cable car ride up to the top of Table Mountain had a very large pucker factor! It is frequently shut down due to high winds.

We did a morning and evening safari from the Aquila Game Reserve. Besides really almost uncomfortably close views of the Big Five (lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo and leopard) we spotted giraffes, zebras and a zillion bouncy cute boks which are the national symbol of South Africa and the name of their rugby team.

We never dreamed we would get this close to a whale, much less FIVE whales, that frolicked in the surf for our viewing pleasure

Penguins are every bit as adorable when you can walk (or waddle) right up to them as we did. Very big cool factor.

We have made about a dozen trips to Africa together (the most recent to Libya) but this was our first time in the far South and Cape Town which proved to be SPECTACULAR even without the Big Five.

Chris, aka Maphead was speechless standing on the awe inspiring tip of South Africa – a significant new dot on the map for us!

The coast road drive got another thumbs up from both of us - spot the road about 2/3rds up the cliff. Something about giant crashing surf that is compelling to watch.

Between the whale sightings (five within 20 yards of us!), up close penguin experience (we coulda touched them if we wanted), better-than-Big-Sur coast drive and (gasp) standing on the edge of the world at The Cape of Good Hope mesmerized by giant CRASHING surf where two Oceans collide, totally COSMIC – then add the really really good wine we bought during vineyard tours and tastings and the FAB Italian (and we are hard to please where that is concerned) dinner and it all adds up to THE NUMBER ONE DAY OUT OF 9,125 together (25 years).