Once upon a time all a corporate communicator needed was a typewriter. My, times have changed. And while a personalize storytelling approach remains the best way to get your message across to audiences, the means and the technology for delivering the content has exploded. And keeps exploding. Everyday easier and higher quality tools and techniques to create content become available. With the Flip Camera leading the initial charge and other models like the Kodak Zi8 leap-frogging technically ahead, the ultimate corporate communication frontier - video - has overnight gone from nearly never to REQUIRED weekly.

Coupled with the ability to create cross-media (writing, audio, image, video) messaging is the tectonic shift in ways to deliver the news. Social media (intranets, blogs, YouTube, podcasts, etc.) delivered to every device known to mankind including computers, cellphones, ipods, ipads and so forth - is making it impossible for employees, customers and/or investors to 'hide' from the news.

But just because they get the story, doesn't mean they 'get' your message. Without great content the delivery medium, no matter how cool, no matter how current, is meaningless. Which is why Steve and I came up with the Creating Killer Content Seminar.

Adventures in Corporate Storytelling

No other seminar is offering this kind of comprehensive information all in one package. Check out the details and see if you don't agree. For more info visit our website CREATEKILLERCONTENT