We had a very understated wedding, appropriate as it was the third time around for both of us. No one thought we would last a year! We drove to New Orleans for our honeymoon, staying at Nottaway Plantation.

Chris and I are celebrating our 25th Anniversary – both for our business and our marriage. You know the adage about time flying? It hasn’t just flown, it’s been traveling at warp speed. Looking at old pictures - THANK GOD FOR THE MIRACLE OF PHOTOS - but OMG, my hair! I’m not sure which was worse, the fro or the Farrah!

Our first studio! We stayed up all night painting and well, doing other things…

Did I say 25 years? I don’t think that is really accurate or fair. Most married couples see each other for a few hours a day – we spend 24-7 together, often in stress producing work situations. I think we should get credit for overtime, or maybe time off for good behavior?

Seriously, I cannot begin to imagine a life without Chris. He is my world, I need no other. LOVE YOU, PRECIOUS!