I stand-in for our subject (seen behind me) while Chris sets up the shot and tests the lighting.

The best part of my job is the interesting people we get to meet and photograph. Last week we were in NYC hobnobbing with the highest echelon of women in corporate America – INSPIRING and UPLIFTING.

This week we are in northern Canada on a magazine shoot that includes a really nice couple – she cans veggies and makes quilts, he enjoys entertaining friends when not hunting and stuffing every species of wildlife that roams the planet. Lions, tigers and bears – you betcha, along with moose, elephants and walruses – kookoo-ka-chew, just to name a few. Having never killed any wildlife (if you don’t count flies and mosquitoes and yes, that one frog back in 3rd grade that was unlucky enough to hop too close to my brother and I during a fire cracker experiment) - I could not relate to the hunting desire, but was truly AWESTRUCK and SPEECHLESS by the scene.

What's next? Flying over the Alberta oilsands. If you haven't heard about them, you soon will.