The effect lasted only five minutes. (click to enlarge)
Copyright Chris Salvo

Transformations was the theme for the 2008 ASMP Exhibit at the legendary international photo festival known as FotoFest. Transformations - how appropriate for us. Somehow during our grueling overseas work schedule Chris found the time to enter his Texas Shadows shot and it was selected for the show. And miracles or miracles, after months on the road we arrived back in Houston from Egypt on the evening of the Opening. We ‘transformed’ into quasi-appropriate attire in the car on the way from the airport.

Chris holds up a copy of the ASMP Bulletin featuring a story about the exhibit.

Chris has been a member of the prestigious American Society of Media Photographers since he began his career over 20 years ago. It has provided inspiration, business know-how and life-long friendships with other folks crazy enough to be in this industry. See the complete ASMP FotoFest exhibit.

Other shots from the Houston Texans football game:

Texas and Football - on a pretty day it's a match made in heaven

Tail gating is a time honored tradition at Texas football games. I hope the food had better taste than the cooks.

Cowboy hats are still popular in Texas, but usually without the horns.

Horny fans.