While in Chicago presenting at the Ragan Corporate Communicators Conference, we were interviewed about hot button issues in visual communications. The resulting video is below.

What you don't see in the video is me pinching Chris' butt off camera trying to get him to crack-up. I'm a chronic butt-pincher, always have been. It's sick, I know. But I just can't resist. My kids know not to bend over anytime I'm in the room. And I sometimes have to restrain myself in airports when strangers bend over to pick up their luggage. But Chris was sooooo professional and he has this great radio-quality voice that carries so well. By comparison I sound like a chipmunk.

By chance, David Murray's piece on The Secrets of Good Corporate Photography came out the same day.

And my IABC CWBulletin Visually Speaking column also hit on the same day, totally unplanned. I had great fun researching and writing this piece on the psychological effects of color. Did you know the number one favorite color in the world is blue? Or that the color red supposedly increases your appetite? Most people would consider me strange, but my favorite color is black. I think it's a photo thing...