Lights! We have lights! But electricity is so expensive, this will probably be the first and last time we turn them all on.

We head back to Italy the first week of June and besides a couple of work projects we plan to be there, living in the house through the summer. Did I really say ‘living in the house’? Wow! Three years in the making - it’s really a Midsummer’s Night Dream come true.

Lights yes, but still no fireplace (see the tube) or furniture.

Presto pesto! Using my good friend and fab cook Tilde’s recipe, I made pesto in about 2 minutes. Genovese pesto traditionally contains green beans and potatoes in with the pasta. DELICIOUS!

The most beautiful bathroom in the whole wide world. The walk in shower with mosaic floor tile has a built-in bench seat. And I don’t know how I ever felt clean without a bidet.

For my America friends: How to use a bidet.

Sr. Barabino checks and double checks and TRIBLE checks the measurements for the custom spiral staircase.

Hopefully the staircase will be installed by the end of July. HOPEFULLY - because for now we have to outside to go between floors, no matter what the weather. And you can't reach the top floor guest room at all except by scary hand over hand ladder. So hold off those visits until the Fall!