Chris took this photo (click to enlarge) on our first night sleeping in the house in Italy as I prepared our first meal in the new kitchen (bruschetta, ravioli with pesto, veal scaloppini).

When I look at this picture the wires hanging from the ceiling are transformed into the sparkling high-style accent lights we picked out from the store in Molare (I can now say ‘Do you have that in a square base with a chrome finish?’ in Italian); the giant tube on the right is a soaring vertical fireplace framed in sleek stone; and the ladder is a stunning steel spiral staircase with cherry wood steps picked that night from the samples you see on the floor.

The electricity and gas were on, and we had running water, although we couldn’t figure out how to make it hot. The foot thick walls made for cool and quiet sleeping – loved it!

What you can see is the gorgeous floor tile (we agonized over the pattern), the cherry wood sliding door with stainless steel accent (all the interior doors are like that) and you can just make out the black African granite bar top. The radiators are still baffling creatures to us that somehow produce heat.

Still LOTS to finish, but now we can do it whilst living there! Stay tuned, more photos soon.