Sunset emailing from the steps outside our Italian house is one of the best sensations in the world

I just arrived in Italy and I’m very happy to report our house phone and (be still my heart) the INTERNET are both working! At least for the moment. Chris arrived a week ahead of me and has been getting lots of language practice chatting up TELECOM repairmen and service technicians. Being Italian, the internet works brilliantly when it feels like it, but is subject to emotional outbursts and can inexplicably quit without warning.

The internet signal here in Terzo comes and goes like a capricious lover. It’s there one minute satisfying my every whim but ten minutes later vanishes, selfishly leaving matters unresolved and me totally frustrated. And when I call begging for more, TELECOM acts annoyed and tries to pretend it never heard of me. Madonna!

We Party On! PartyLINE that is.
If you dial our Terzo house phone right now (and I hope you do) there is only a 50-50 chance the woman who answers will be me. That’s because incoming calls to us also ring the phone of our neighbor down the hill, and I’m not sure who else’s phone. She’s being very nice about it. Really nice. I think maybe she’s enjoying listening in.

Skype me for a personal video tour of the Italy house. That is, if my internet is working…