As usual when we are shooting in public, our production drew quite a crowd of onlookers.

How is it Italians make such great models? Is it in their genes or something cultural? Or both? We’ve shot all over the world and by FAR Italians are the best, most natural and easiest to work with on a shoot. These are my Peeps!

Crowd control of a different kind – pigeons kept ‘messing’ up the shots!

We shot lifestyle scenes in the Piazza La Scala, across from the world famous opera house in Milano. Afterwards we shot in the Galleria and in the Piazza Duomo.

Francesco: IT guy extraordinaire. Francesco not only helped with the techno computer stuff, he chauffeured us around Milano (no easy task) and turned out to be an outstanding model.

Gracia mille, Francesco e tutte. Che vediamo a presto - speriamo!