The Ramblas was a top notch stroll, even in the rain.But when it started to pour, we ducked into the nearest tapas bar and did some pouring of a different kind - an easy thing to do as there are several tapas bars on every block.

I can’t believe we didn’t take any pictures of the Tapas Bars we ate in on a daily basis whilst in Barcelona. But as those who have been here know, the tapas are sooo good we forgot the camera every single time the food (and wine) arrived.

The vendors at the enormous never-ending food market were costumed for Carnival.

Check out the different ham preparations and the variation in prices.

I was not prepared for the intensity of La Sagrada Familia. The views - from the exterior, from the unfinished interior and from the top of the spires - were revolutionary in thought and execution. Gaudi’s crowning glory may never be finished, but it is already a masterpiece of design.

The 'melting' facade of La Sagrada Familia is still under construction after more than 100 years.

Gaudi was thinking 'forest' when he designed the asymmetrical pillars and floral insprired ceiling and windows of the cathedral's interior.

Barcelona is Gaudi Central with many of his buildings to see including of course the Sagrada Familia Cathedral. But one of my favorite places was the delightful public park he designed. The huge park is at once classic and modern; simple and gaudy; traditional and whimsical. The combined effect is one of energized peace. Even Chris’ shots don’t do it justice, you have to FEEL this place to appreciate it.

Hayley turns the tables on us at the park. See more results of her photos at Hayley's Comments

Like father, like daughter - always with a camera!

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