Our clients expect us to deliver gorgeous shots, no excuses allowed. But pretty photos in bad weather? Sure! Instead of complaining about no sunshine, we change gears and shoot moody winter scenes. Lovely!

It’s a dreary, foggy, wet, cold afternoon in Vilnius, Lithuanian. Ahhh, winter in Eastern Europe! But the weather has not dampened my travel enthusiasm. The British have it right (can’t believe I admit that) when they say ‘it’s not the weather that is bad, it’s your choice of clothing’. I’m staying dry and toasty with my high-tech thin thermals underneath and my sensible hooded coat, scarf and (Italy forgive me) ugly but comfy shoes.

Several of the 8 different airlines we will be flying during the next 3 weeks have very limited baggage rules both for checked and hand carry bags. On Air Lithuania we paid as much in baggage overages as we paid for our tickets. London travelers warning - Gatwick airport security allows only one cabin bag each. So it was either check my purse or the computers – how absurd. I stuffed my purse into the computer bag (just until we cleared security) and Chris stuffed his purse, eh-I mean manbag, into our rolling camera bag. That got us down to one bag each but we were WAY over the ridiculously low 15lb limit for hand carry. We sidestepped that STUPID restriction by stuffing our coat pockets with cameras, batteries, etc., until each bag was light enough. I don’t feel one whit of guilt over using this luggage loophole. Until the day comes when they weigh people along with their bags, the rules are unfair. I should be allowed more luggage weight than that 200lb. guy sitting next to me!

Our 7 pieces of luggage weighs about 200lbs (90kilos) total.

The absurd and unreasonable luggage rules have me going Postal, but in a good way - Neither rain nor sleet, nor stupid airline baggage limits shall stop me from enjoying my appointed rounds!

We share a single very generous serving of traditional Lithuania dishes: Potato pancakes, potato stuffed with cottage cheese, potato stuffed with veal, potato dumplings with ground meat, potato sausage and about 3 other potato inspirations. Ireland eat your heart out!

The proximity of Russia to Lithuania assures a good beetroot soup on every menu. And of course the ever present potato.

Our next pit stop – Bella Italia! Continuing on with our scheduled 23 flight segments on 8 different airlines to 9 countries on 4 continents. Momma mia. Our seat backs are up and our tray tables are locked and ready for take off and landing – and take off and landing – and take off and landing…