There is not much I can add to this photo of Le Puy, France. Click to enlarge and just enjoy – and make plans to go there yourself, pilgrim.

It was almost as random as throwing a dart at the map. That’s how Chris and I ended up in le Puy en Velay. It was sorta/kinda along the route we had chosen to get to Tremolat, home of an Italian friend we planned to visit before heading to Arles for Les Rencontres. So can I say it was fate that lead us there?

I’m not a believer in ‘signs’, but when something or somewhere keeps popping up on my radar, I do pay attention. It’s been like that with Santiago de Compostella. Seems like every month or two the city makes an appearance to me – in a book (Pillars of the Earth), on the airplane flight tracking screen, a location in a TV show and now oddly enough through a connection in a town in France we didn't have any real reason to be in - Le Puy.

You may know Le Puy only as the hometown of the famous French cat lover, Pepe, but Le Puy has been a religious mecca since the 10th century. It is known widely as the traditional starting point for a pilgrimage to – SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELLA. There it is again! A trek of around a thousand miles (sixteen hundred kilometers), a pilgrim can expect very sore feet (le pant, le ouch, le pant) along with spiritual awakening.

Me? I think I'll wait for a vision that shows me holding a first class seat on a plane to Santiago De Compostella...