Each blossom was a big as my head and there were thousands of them.

I think sunflowers are the prettiest crop on earth. They are just so darn happy looking, you can’t help but smile when you see their big round smiling yellow faces.

I'm as happy as this field of sunflowers look.

We pulled over to the side of a narrow farm road to shoot this GIANT field, leaving scarcely enough room for other vehicles to slowly pass us. They could have easily been annoyed with the inconvenience. Instead, when I smiled and waved, they all smiled back, nodding, waving and even giving us a thumbs up and/or a friendly honk. They understood.

If I stretched out my arms, I could almost touch both sides of the little French farm road.

Sunflower is girasole in Italian. That literally means turns to (gira) the sun (sole). How delightful!

Chris will do anything to get a better photo.

Lovely from any angle.