Our son Jeffrey married his true love, Jessica, in a fairy tale wedding held at the Meritt Bois-D'-Arc Ranch north of Dallas, Tx. Enjoy the photos below from the event and especially the video at the bottom. What a happy time!

Jessica surprised the crowd and Jeffrey by arriving on horseback.

Jeff returned the surprise by performing a song he had written for Jess at the reception.

And they surprised us with a gift of ‘private label’ wine. Click to enlarge and see the photos on the bottles.

The outdoor setting was total romance

One of these things is not like the others… Surrounded by the handsome groomsmen. God, I love weddings!

The bride’s luncheon was the time for girl gab.

A very special time for mom Connie and daughter Jessica.

Nothing says party like hundreds of happy drunks with fire.

Can't get enough wedding photos? Here's a link to even more:

Jeff and Jess wedding