We drove north up into Maine then over to New Hampshire staying on local roads.

Traveling based on corporate publication deadlines as we do, the weather is a secondary consideration in timing the trip. If I had a nickel for every time we’ve heard “you should have been here yesterday, the weather was great”, I could afford to bale out at least one if not more of the recently failed credit institutions.

We got up early to catch the good light and the reflection on this pond before the wind came up.

We took several short hikes that got us into the thick of the colors.

But the Weather Gods were with us on a recent trip to New England. The fall foliage was at its peak and I’ve never seen anything to compare with its vibrant color, unless it was the brilliant shades of red and yellow below. This trip was a feast for the eyes and mouth!

Reds and yellows are my favorite colors no matter where I see them!