Behind every award winner is the person who actually DOES the work

Progress on the house in Italy may be sputtering but other areas of life are raging ahead. Lots of exciting photo projects in the last few months (which is why I’ve been blog-negligent). Along with some jaw-dropping travel and even some very gratifying recognition coming my way. ’How nice!

They like me, they really like me
The IABC Chairman’s Award is by far the biggest honor I’ve ever received. I am thrilled. And not being naturally modest, I tend to shout the few accolades that come my way from the rooftops. You can probably hear my off-key horn blowing from where ever in the world you are! Toot! Toot!

Get some great tips on photo-blogging and read how a good writer can make me sound good in print in Enter the BlogoSphere, by Ethan Salwen.

Join an international crowd to debate the issue of photo manipulation ethics Is it Real or is it Photoshop? at the session I’ll be moderating this June at the IABC International Conference in New Orleans. Read panelist David Murray's interesting blog post on the issue. With outspoken photographer Keith Philpott, international advertising creative director, Donna Collum and Murray on the panel, the session is shaping up to be a real Jerry Springer event.

Hope to see you there!