The tram ride up Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio de Janerio is a two staged thrill ride, not for the faint hearted. We're about to make our third trip to South America within the last year

Hi, my name is Suzanne and I am a Travel-holic. How do I know this? Because if I spend more than a week with the same view out my window every morning I start getting fussy. Because I read the daily email I get from Travelocity, Orbitz and my half-dozen or so favorite airlines before I open client emails. Because I get as much or more pleasure from tracking my frequent flyer accounts as I do my bank accounts. Of course that may be because my FF accounts have more in them.

I talked our way backstage at the legendary Beijing Opera.

I admit it. I’m addicted to the intensity of life on the road - where everything is new and nothing is ‘a given’. I get secret pleasure out of being the only North American in a crowd and even more pleasure when I’m mistaken for a local. Of course some times Chris and I end up eating stuff like fish-head curry for dinner because we don’t know the menu language. Or we end up lost - in the wrong part of town, on the wrong hiking path, once even in the wrong country (that’s another blogpost). But I’m more likely to feel lost in my Houston neighborhood grocery store than at the airport, any airport in any language. BTW, why does Kroger put the toothpicks with the barbeque stuff?

Waiting for the rest of the crew on location in a charity eye hospital in India. I really didn't want to know what the dark puddles were off in the corner of the ward.

I’ve learned to successfully navigate the two footprints and a hole toilets without fear. My travel philosophy is “if you’re not in imminent danger, consider it part of the adventure and enjoy it”. That makes normal travel problems like missed connections, bad weather and screaming airplane babies tolerable. No wait – I take it back. Screaming airplane babies are NOT tolerable!!!

The best taxis in the world are in London. Always clean, courteous and the drivers must pass a test to prove they know the city.

You know you’re a travel junky when:
  • You have elite status on more than one airline.
  • You know your passport number and expiration date by heart.
  • You only buy paperback books because of the weight.
  • You know how to say ‘where’s the toilet?’ in more than 3 languages.
  • Your favorite TV show is The Amazing Race.
  • You can drive a stick-shift on either side of the road.
  • You NEVER whisper while standing in the immigration line (2-way mirrors) and NEVER use more than one word answers to passport/immigration questions.
  • Not only can you sleep on airplanes, you can sleep in helicopters.
  • You’ve had extra pages put in your passport to accommodate more stamps.
  • You fly across country and back on Christmas Eve while your children are asleep for no other reason except you are a few miles short on your frequent flyer status. (yes, Chris actually did this!)
  • You don’t flinch at the frequent near death experiences in the backseat of an Indian or Chinese taxi.
  • You can make a 30 minute international connection in Paris (Charles de Gaul is the worst airport in the world!).
  • You know better than to drink the local water, no matter what your host says.
  • Your airplane travel clothes look more like pajamas with house slippers than high fashion.
  • You can travel anywhere for 2 weeks or more without checking luggage.
  • Your GPS talks to you.

Happy Trails!