Casa Giallo? What if we decide to change the color?

Our Italian friends say we should give our house a name. But what? Some suggestions from facebook friends:
Terremoto - This word has a great sound, sorta a cross between Italian and Japanese. Ahh soo, Terremoto!!! It means earthquake in Italian. Appropriate since we are technically in an earthquake zone. But I don’t think I want to wake the earthquake gods by calling their name.

Most folks suggested names that relate to our Texas origins, a good idea:
Stella Sola – Translates more or less as ‘Lone Star’, which would be good except Italians would not be familiar with the Texas flag and the significance would be lost. Besides, Stella Sola literally means Single Star, like the rating for a very low-end hotel. Hmmmm, maybe that would keep house guests at a minimum?
Sud Forchetta – South Fork, hahaha. The Dallas TV show was very popular in Italy, but I never was a fan.
Cowpoke Casa or Home off the Range – Good alliteration and clever, but I think it needs to be an Italian word.

The view of Terzo out our window is ever changing

Our car when we woke up this morning. We call her 'Ippy', short for her model name, Ypsilon, but our Italian friends think we are saying 'Hippy'!

I like the idea of something relating to photos or imagery:
Casa della camera – Sounds good, but camera in Italian is macchina fotografica and the word camara means room. So Italians would probably hear it as House of the Room.
Il Obiettivo - The Lens. Probably hard for English speakers to remember.
La Luminosa – The Luminous or Shining One

Chris heads out to document the day wearing every bit of clothes he has.

A fact of life: Vines are wonderous and beautiful things at any time of year in any weather!

Or something that relates to where the house is (on the side of a hill surrounded by vineyards):
Tra Vigne – Between the Vines
La Finestra – The Window, because of the view?
Casa Calabrone – Hornet House. Very funny inside story about our attorney getting stung on top of his bald head by a hornet whilst visiting.
Ca' dei fiori blu – Suggested by our achitecto. It’s in local dialect, which is interesting and means Home of the Blue Flowers, suggesting the Texas state flower, the bluebonnet.

Chris's experiments with HDR photography make Acqui Terme look even better, if that's possible!

Nothing has struck me as perfect yet so I’m hoping for more input from you guys. Winner gets a free stay at Casa _____!