Flashing our first class tickets

Only a few will appreciate the story I’m about to tell. Travel geeks unite!

So we’re sitting in Orlando on Sunday morning with a flight back to Houston scheduled for around 6pm. We have been upgraded to first class and should be satisfied, but… We’ve seen enough sugar-high screaming kids in mouse ears to last a good long while and well, we’re basically impatient people and ready to go. So we decide to spend $50 to change to an earlier flight, which would mean giving up our first class upgrade. A hard choice, but it’s only a 2 hour flight – nothing for someone accustomed to long-haul overseas plane rides.

The scene at the airport is total chaos. They have changed our plane to a smaller one necessitating new boarding passes for everyone but even worse – our new flight is delayed, negating the earlier flight advantage! Oh, no!!

But we Travel Geeks KNOW THE WAYS. Chris approaches the gate agent and politely inquires about overbooked possibilities, stating we of hand-baggage-only would be willing to stand down. “Oh thank you!”, says the gate agent. “Here’s a couple of $200 vouchers and, oh yes, I can get you first class seats on a flight leaving in less than 2 hours.” That flight being the one we were originally scheduled to fly.

Yes I know it's terrible geeky, but we love playing The Travel Game. We would so win on The Amazing Race.

Bonus Points:
Having a couple of hours seating here at the airport I have
Undated my Facebook profile photo
Posted my Beijing Silk Market video on FB
Added another couple dozen pins on my World Map
And since there is free Wifi here at the Orlando airport (God bless them!) I’ve posted this new blog entry!