Truth in Advertising

Who hasn't see these ads?

“It’s for the house, the car, the boat the RV”

Everyone in The States (and elsewhere?) has seen the ShamWow commercials featuring the really sleazy looking guy named Vince that demonstrates the miraculous towels. This guy could be the poster boy for used car salesman. The claim is the ShamWows can soak up 20 times their weight in liquid including wine, coffee, cola or pet pee. The ad is classic infomercial style complete with real (read real ugly) people telling how ShamWow forever changed their up until then miserable little lives.

“Are you following me camera guy?”
The funny thing is, everybody I’ve asked says they hate the ads but - they spontaneously start quoting lines from the commercial to me. Obviously they are watching long enough and often enough to memorize parts verbatim.

“But wait, there’s more!”
Being smart and sophisticated, I did not fall for the “call within the next 20 minutes and get double the offer” gimmick. But when I saw the ShamWow for sale at my local Bed Bath & Beyond for the 2-fer price (plus my 20% BB&B coupon) I just couldn’t resist. Yes, I succumbed and joined the herd of mindless lemmings heading for the cliff.

My report
Wow – It really was a case of TRUTH in advertising. ShamWow is a SHAM, just like the slime-ball pitch guy says! Shame on me!