(Happy Turkey Day!)

The house as seen from halfway up the vineyard.

As much as I miss being with friends and family on Thanksgiving Day, I’m really happy about the progress with the house here in Italy. I’m praying like mad that the weather gods will permit us to get the house painted and the tiles installed before winter arrives in earnest. It SNOWED a couple of days ago and it’s been drizzling rain ever since. If the temp drops below freezing for long, the glue for the tile won’t work and the paint won’t stick. Send warm wishes our way!

Mama Mia, snow! The house as seen from the steep driveway. Nebbia (snow) is pretty but not good for construction work or driving. The law here is you must have snow chains in your car once the first snow has fallen. Chris bought chains and put them in the trunk, but we of course have no idea how to put them on or use them.

Uteh holds a piece of our floor tile up to wall paint samples. Which would you choose? There are so many choices to make and so many details it makes my head hurt. We discovered yesterday that we have never ordered interior doors, and since EVERYTHING is a custom build, doors are a 2 month project – MADONNA!

The sun sets at 4:30 this time of year, but it doesn’t stop the piastrellista (tile layer) from finishing the tile in what will be inside the kitchen island. Note the stone facade. I’m very impressed with the quality of the workmanship, and I adore our tile. Wait ‘til you see!