Ding-Dong the Bells are Gonna Chime!

Meet the new Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gilmore

Dan & Amy got married in the morning. At exactly 11:00 in the morning, on October 14, 2006 to be precise.

They say parents find true happiness when their children find true love. Chris and I couldn’t be any happier. I can’t remember seeing a couple more well suited to each other and more in love. Amy is a lovely young woman from a fine family. She is as sweet and fun loving as she is smart and that’s saying a lot. We welcome her along with her Mom and brother into our family with open arms and warm hearts.

With the rehearsal behind us, we were all smiles as we prepared to party-hardy

Pappacitos proved to be the the perfect place for everyone to kick back with margaritas and fajitas - and a Chris produced slideshow - at the rehearsal dinner

A very proud Mom gets one last hug before the ceremony

Wedding Bell blues…

and oranges and maroons - and an array of rich fall colors were selected by the bride for her bouquet, which set off her knock-down gorgeous cream colored gown to perfection. Amy chose stylish black halter-top tea-length dresses accented with satin and sequins for her bridesmaids. They were pretty AND practical, which is hard to achieve in a bridesmaid gown. I can see those dresses being happily worn by the girls at their next cocktail party!

The scene "backstage" in the bride's ready room was one filled with gowns, make-up, hairspray - a few gitters - and lots of laughter. Hayley helps me with a last minute earring that won't cooperate!

Daniel and the Groomsmen - a new rock group?

The groomsmen consisted of Dan’s brother Jeff, a couple of old school friends (Ty and Malcom) and the charming Nathan, an Army Ranger buddy. My personal most heart-bursting-with-Mommy-pride wedding moments were those when Dan’s friends - one by one at various times - took me aside and told me how much they admire him. They spoke in halting guy-words, describing what a great person he is and how they would literally walk through fire for him. It takes a lot of love to make a Ranger choke up. I’m very proud that Dan inspires that kind of admiration. What a great group of guys and what a tribute to Dan’s character!
Amy's Mom, Marilyn, and I were so thankful for the great weather!

I have been to many weddings. I’ve never enjoyed one more. It’s a compliment to Marilyn, Amy’s mom, that everything from the bridal showers, the bridal tea, right on down to the fab and fun dawn hair styling marathon at the church - all went off without a glimmer of a hitch amidst gales of laughter and a few happy tears. And the beautifully orchestrated reception! The location at the tasteful Bella Terrazza was dazzling, but the fantastic and creative food (martini mashed potato bar!), coupled with champagne and dancing, motivated nothing but glowing compliments from all. Our thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate!

Hayley made us laugh and cry with her reading, "Love is like an Italian Dinner", describing a meal she and Dan cooked for us many, many years ago.

We pose for the "official" shots

The wedding feast was fab, culminating in a multi-tiered and multi-flavored cake - YUM!

A bevy of bridesmaids and other beauties vye for the bouquet
Dan and Amy run the rose petal guantlet. They headed for Galveston for an abbreviated honeymoon. We hope they make Acqui Terme a stop when the real get away happens!

More weddding photos here!