Seeing Doppio

I love having creative friends. They inspire me, challenge my thinking and always have a great sense of humor. Truly creative people are different from the rest of us. They see the world from a slightly off-kelter, sometimes quirky perspective. Such is the case with long time acquaintance, Yvonne Callaway Smith .

I met Yvonne over 10 years ago. She is a good friend; a confidante; an inspiration; a mentor. She has loudly applauded my successes big and small, and held my hand through troubles. I depend on her clever observations to both advise me and encourage me to try harder. I have not seen her face to face since we met. Yet I count her among my dearest friends.

Our communications, with the exception of one exciting phone call when the first of her paintings arrived at my door, have been totally by email. But oh what wonderful, welcomed emails! Before Yvonne took up painting fulltime she was a writer - lucky me, unlucky corporate world for losing her.

Yvonne surprised me with this painting, a rendition of the photo I use for my blog ID. She titled it 'Doppio' which means Double in Italian. What fun! I am also the proud owner of another YCS original, a wonderfully whimsical and wacky painting of me and my two sisters. It makes me smile every single time I look at it.

Yvonne’s portfolio of paintings, including information on her latest exhibitions and installations is a fun and inspiring look-see. If you are in the Montreal area you should go see her work in person. But even if like me, you’re not even in Canada, you can still give yourself the pleasure of owning great original art. Contact Yvonne by email, or through her YCS website. Yvonne is available to do commissioned work. And take it from me, she is a joy to work with and to know.

Ti amo, Yvonne!