This day marks the end of an era for us. Our youngest of four children graduates from college this afternoon. WOW. It is with great pride and no small sense of nostalgia that we celebrate, accompanied by several twinges of guilt. Sadly, regrettably, we will not personally witness the event. We are stuck in Italy, minding the house renovations. We will appease our wrong by facilitating her (accompanied by one of her brothers) trip over here immediately following the graduation.
High School graduation, just three and a half years ago - with honors, of course!

My mind wanders back over the years and I can’t help but smile at the long ago memories. To-wit:

Hayley, not even walking yet, but showing signs of her life-long dedication to research, precision and details – she carefully and exactingly removes her shoes with her cute chubby little fingers and meticulously picks the lint out between each and every toe. She is so proud of herself!
Hayley excelled at everything, including temper tamtrums

Hayley at 2, beset upon by clumsy big older brothers who have a talent for brushing by her just close enough to knock her off her feet - she takes to quietly, cleverly carrying a big stick around with her. No more trouble from the males!

Hayley at 4 years old, demonstrating early her unique creative thinking – when asked why the clouds move around in the sky answers – because they are hungry!

And Hayley now: Accomplished way beyond our experiences at her age; superbly well educated; brilliantly clever; sophisticated, stylish, urbane; a beautiful woman who knows her own mind, with a clear vision of where she wants to go in life. Watch out World, this is a Lady to be reckoned with!

That Hayley look! Able to melt her Daddy's heart from 100 feet away!

I can’t think of anyone I would rather be friends with. And we can’t wait to hear what her next exciting adventure will be!

Hayley today, working at KBIA, the local NPR radio affiliate

Stay tuned: Hayley's Comments

See you soon.