Festa per Tutti!
Literally: Party for Everyone – but I think the intent is more like
Party On!

You could see the smoke from the BBQ for miles!

Every May 1st our adopted town of Terzo throws what in Texas we call a barbeque. The difference is they’ve been doing it for longer than Texas has been in existence.

What can I say except DELICIOSO!

It is with no small amount of chagrin that I admit someplace else besides Texas can do good BBQ. I scoff at the Kansas City attempts with their mouth-puckering vinegary sauce - ick. Don’t even mention New York, and certainly not veggie-centric California. BBQ should be about MEAT. Shrimp on the barbee down under? Fair at best, but see previous comment. I admit Argentina does OK with their salt-brine soaked grilled meats.

The town of Terzo has been around since about 900AD. I think the Terzo church is one of the prettiest in the area.

My Texas ten-gallon hat is humbly off to Terzo’s succulent sausages and crispy skinned but juicy chicken. And ahhhhh, the ribs. To me BBQ success or failure is based on pork ribs. They must be meaty, not dry, tender and full flavored. I give Terzo’s ribs an A+.

We purchased this print at one of the many local festivals. It shows the Terzo Tower (circa 1300s), back some time around 1930. It's the same Tower Chris climbed on the day of the Festa to take the fisheye view below.

Taken from the ancient tower, which is only open on special occasions. It affords a grand view of all of Terzo and the surrounding countryside. You can see the church on the far edge of town.

I've gotten really hungry writing this. That’s partly due to the aroma coming from the stove right now. I’m attempting my first ever pot of pasta e fagioli. I hope it tastes as good as it smells!