Salvo Webcast a Huge Success!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to our first live telecast from Asti, Italy. I can’t tell you how much we giggled and laughed our way through the whole thing.

Besides our cyperspace audience, everybody in the Piazza San Secundo was witness to our performance. What you could not see was everybody in the immediate area staring giant holes in us, wondering what in the hell we were doing.

I don’t think anybody in Asti knows the webcam exists. It's a tiny camera located on a light pole in the corner of the square. Every time we waved to the camera, one or more people on the other side of the square waved back, with a puzzled expression on their faces, thinking we were waving at them and trying to remember how they knew us. That of course made us feel even more ridiculous and giggle even more.

We were hoping one of you would pick up on the fact that I was wearing Green, Chris was wearing Red (he forgot to take off his pullover for the reinactment photo) and Hayley was wearing White - like the Italy flag. But nobody did so we will keep our surprise prize until next time.

What fun. Thanks for watching. We promise more shenanigans in the future.