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SALVO shoots people...

and computers, trucks, models, the moon, oilfield and medical equipment, attitudes, airplanes, whole cities, wildlife, CEOs, construction, products, real estate, capabilities, CSR, social media, and so much more.

 But be warned - the Salvos approach is unique. “We think of ourselves not as photographers or videographers but instead as Visual Communicators”, says Suzanne. The goal of a Salvo Photo & Video project goes way beyond mere documentation of your people, places and events. Working hand and hand with their clients, the Salvos start each assignment by implementing their Visual Strategic Planning Tool. This provides a blueprint of goals and visual style that will best suit the project at hand and will work to enhance the overall company identity.

Salvo Photo & Video specializes in producing thoughtful and creative imagery (including videography) on location anywhere in the world, no matter what the environment. All equipment and gear are state of the art and is designed to be small, lightweight, durable and easily portable. Chris notes, “We understand that employees are not professional models, they will probably be uncomfortable in front of a camera and they have their own work to do, so we work quickly and make as small a footprint as possible. Our equipment is dual voltage or even completely battery powered when needed. We have experience shooting in every contingency you can imagine, from boardroom to jungle, and we are ready for it.”


Need more reasons to choose Salvo Photo & Video?

Critical to the success of any project is the talent and experience of the creative team. With Salvo Photo & Video you get both, and then some.


The Salvos have been winning awards since 1986. But they don’t consider that to be much of a measurement of commercial photo success. Chris says, “true talent is the ability to produce dynamic, engaging and meaningful images in any situation – on demand, and that’s where we excel over other photo and video production companies.”



Any project shot outside a controlled studio environment is complex – and there is no substitute for experience. At the start of a project Suzanne will provide you with her ‘Location Production Checklist’ to smooth the interface with the site contact, along with her ‘Universal Shotlist’, a template for building your image want-list. Video assignments are made painless using her 'Scriptless Storyboard' technique, a guideline for producing quick and easy on-message videos.


And then some

The demand for image based communications is growing and The Salvos recognize their clients’ need for depth and variety. “We are library builders”, says Suzanne. The Salvos have a well deserved reputation for covering a lot of photo scenarios in a short amount of time. That comes from many years of working together in all kinds of situations. They pride themselves on delivering lots of choices, not just the ‘one’ shot.

When the Salvos take on a project, it becomes personal and success becomes every bit as important to them as to their client. “I want to know everything about the project, including company background, because the more I know the more on-message the shots will be,” says Suzanne. 

Creativity, service and value added – that’s the Salvo Photo & Video experience.

What can we shoot for you?